Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finally knitting

For months I've been madly spinning.  I spun over 60 skeins of yarn in just over three months.  With work, the girls activities and life in general, something had to go.  It was knitting.  Well we've been home from DFW Fiber fest for a week.  And after a brief respite I'm back to spinning.  And knitting!  
This is my Quaker Yarn stretcher.   Out of a single I spun called Lollipop.  I love the bright colors and it makes me smile every time I pick it up.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to the new home for Knitting My Way Home

Today is the grand unveiling of the new look to my blog, etsy, facebook and every part of my yarn world.  I have a niece who helps small businesses work on branding and creating a true cohesive look to all their sites on social networks.  She took my rather plain and boring blog and with hard work, amazing creativity, and a laughing spirit, she created this.  And I'm so happy!  (look at her site, it is amazing, Serendipity Designs)
It is perfect timing with my new adventures coming up in Dallas.  So look what is currently in my is an amazing blend of BFL roving and Bamboo.  It is called Grotto and it is spinning up thin and luscious.  This is the first bobbin but I should be plying it this weekend.  
While I was spinning, Emily came in my room, plunked herself down, took out my handcards, grabbed a bunch of hodge podge bits and pieces of roving and started making rolags.  Before long she had a small basket filled.  As you can see she used reds/yellows/blues/whites.  I quickly and roughly spun the rolags into a thick and thin rustic yarn.  It is soaking, but for our first efforts using the handcards?  We are both thrilled.  I'm thinking we just might have a fun basket of small yardage bulky yarn at Dallas.  Perfect to add to brims of hats or cuffs on mittens. 

It is late, I have work in the morning, so will leave for now.  But please, take a look around the blog, there are links now to my facebook page, if you like what you see, please click the like button!  It is so much fun!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Change is coming

Things are under way here at Knitting My Way Home.  I've been writing the blog for about 5 years.  I've been spinning yarn for about 5 years.  Hmmmmm could that be a theme?  It seems it is time to shake things up.  I've been selling my yarn for a few years now....toss that into the mix and who knows what will happen.  Watch here...things should be ready for the unveiling in about a week.  Whoo Hoo!

Monday, February 24, 2014


OK, I'm ready to give.  I'm exhausted from dealing with the snow and cold.  I'm a native Minnesotan.  We take great (and sometimes silly) pride in not letting the winter stop us from doing our daily lives.  Well my pride is gone.  We got hit again on Thursday/Friday with a ton of snow, strong wind that drove that new 10+ inches of snow on top of the already 35+ snow base to epic snow drifts.  Our sidewalk after it was shoveled is close to my shoulders.  Not in one spot, but the entire length of our sidewalk.  We are safe.  We have power and all the necessities of life.  But Lord, it is enough.  This is a common site....

Seriously, this happens a lot, you fight your way home on the snow covered freeways, wearily park your car safely in front of your house, go in for the night.  the next day dawns bright and sunny yet cold.  Go out to start your day and discover this.  That is YOUR car buried under a mammoth snow drift thanks to Mother Nature with a helping hand from your friendly neighborhood snow plow driver.  And you begin the arduous task of digging your car out.  Lovely.

Of course there are pretty views of winter too.  I love them as much as the next person...see?

But really, I'm done.  I don't want to take any more vacation days because I can't safely drive the 17 miles to work in less than 2 hours (EACH way).  I don't want to scrape and shovel my sidewalk and driveway for another two months.  I can barely throw it high enough now to make it over the mounds.  I love wearing my hand knits.  I'm warm.  I feel stylish.  But my toes are screaming to be let free and escape their wool socks and snow boots.  So I keep my eyes on the calendar.  In one month, my girls and I will be scurry into the car at 5:30 am and happily sit in that car for 15+ hours.  Because when we get out?  We will again be in our second home, Texas.  Ready for a week of fun.  And Lord please let it be warm.  Of course to us, that would be anything above 40 degrees.  I'm crossing my cold, numb fingers. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


It is late, one of my daughter's is in Florida at a Nationals Cheer competition.  The other, Emily, is asleep in her bed.  And I'm sitting here in the dark with tears streaming down my face watching a tv news show covering The Smile Networks amazing work done on kids and adults in 3rd world countries with cleft lips/palates.  My Emily was born thousands of miles away, somewhere in China, with a bilateral cleft lip.  She was found near the gates of a factory, a tiny baby, left alone, with a deformity that made it so difficult to drink.  But she was found and reached an orphanage where they had doctors do an initial repair of her lip.  And was placed in foster care where she was lovingly nourished both physically and emotionally.  I received her a cold winter's day when she was 22 months old.  Her foster parents brought her to the hotel where she was given to me.  I was able to talk to them for a few minutes.  I tried to reassure them that I would love this tiny spitfire of a girl.  That she had a big sister waiting for her at home, oh how happy they were when I gave them a picture of Anna and me, showing them Emily would have a Chinese sister.  These two gentle people handed over this precious child to a stranger.  Someone they did not know, who would take the child they had loved and cared as one of their own, thousands of miles away, never to see her again.  I watch the tv, with parents begging for help for their babies.  And I can't imagine how scary or hard it would be to trust strangers to help my child.  It was so hard for me here to bring Emily into various operating rooms to have multiple procedures done to continue the repair work on her lip and mouth.  I'm so blessed.  My child is so blessed.  And the people who go to other countries and help those who need their work so incredibly much.  So I thank the nameless people who helped my child before I could get her.  Thank you.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cryogenically Preserved

Yes, we are again in the crazy depths of the freezing tundra.  They shut down the schools again, both today and tomorrow.  Anymore closings and they start tacking on days at the end of the school year.  At this rate the girls will be going to school until July!  And I'm not exaggerating (well not much anyway).  The thing that is amazing or as my friend in Dallas says, "not natural" is we continue on with our daily lives.  It can be -15 with a wind chill of -40 and while they close the schools down, the rest of us continue to find our way to and from work, go to the stores, and the really crazy few?  They are jogging (I think running to try and keep their feet from freezing to the pavement) or cross country skiing.  We live here, we don't hibernate (I keep lobbying for that at work, so far no takers), we go in and out of buildings and cars.

For those in the Texas area, who are popping in because they found my blog through the DFW Fiber Fest list of vendors, HELLO!  I'm so excited about heading back to Dallas for a visit and adding in yarn and 3 days of fiber fumes?  Can't get better than that.  My girls and I are counting down the days until we get back home.  I'm spinning every day as much as I can, between running around through the frozen air, shuttling the girls to and fro with their activities, and working my day job.  Each skein I add to my basket makes me smile and hope it brings as much joy to you.  We leave in 54 days....but who is really counting....ummmm that would be me!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Returning to our regularly scheduled broadcast

Well we survived the deep freeze of last week.  Today was a balmy 39 degrees ABOVE zero.  This does a couple things in MN.  You will see LOOOONNNNGGGG lines at car washes, where we try and wash away the salt and chemicals from our cars before said salt and chemicals eat away at the outside of your vehicle.  The days you can do this are limited in winter, they need to be warm enough that your doors and locks won't freeze solid after rinsing off all the yuck on the outside of the car, so when you are lucky enough to have it 20 degrees or warmer, the lines begin at the car wash places.  And the second fun event is taking the time to chisel off the icy dregs on your sidewalk and driveways.  So all in all just a fun time in the city!

The girls will have a full week of school for the first time in 3 weeks.  I'm sure you can imagine their joy at that thought!  However, you also can imagine the joy of my mom who is home with them during the days they are off school.  smile...

I have 11 weeks until the DFW fiber fest.  That means my spinning must be constant and I can't falter.  This last week was a good week.  I got 6 skeins in total done.  Here are the last two.

This is Just Dance - a riot of colors that make you smile to look at.  I think it would be great fun to use for a kids sweater or just a bright and cheerful scarf, no matter who the age.

I also spun a long gradient, Little Mermaid.  I ended up putting it up as 2 skeins, I think it will be sold either as a pair to get the full effect starting with a soft buttery cream, moving to a golden bronze, to a light green before it completes its color journey to a deep spruce green.  But it will also work as two separate skeins, still a gradient, just not as extreme.

This is the roving for Little Mermaid, I think Ginny does such amazing work in her colors and layout.  I'm always so happy with her work (Fat Cat Knits).

I've already completed spinning the next two bobbins, called Snow Angel.  Tomorrow night I will ply it.  It is soft greys, yellows and creams. 

This week will be more of a challenge to keep up the spinning time.  Emily has a concert on Thursday night.  smile...she is so excited!  So to the regular schedule of cheer practice, dance practice, church youth groups and confirmation, we will toss in a choir concert.  Too bad I can't bring my wheel!