Thursday, August 27, 2015

What happened!

As you can see, I've been silent for a really long time.  Lots of things have happened in the last year.  My mom, who lived with the girls and me, passed away the day after Thanksgiving.  The girls and I were blessed to have her living with us for the last 10 years.  We miss her every day but know she has been reunited with my dad and they both are happy to once again be together.  Then Anna had her 18th birthday and Christmas came and went.  The winter was spent sorting out the house and making changes so it completely became the girls and my home.  Then we had to put our beloved old pug, Gadget asleep in early spring.  More changes in the house as we painted the whole downstairs.  Emily turned 13!  Anna graduated from High School in May.  I took the girls off for a big vacation, we were in Maui for 2 weeks.  That was an amazing time for the three of us.  We left laughing and returned laughing.  I can't ask for more than that.  In the next two months, we had Anna's grad party and last week took her to college in Ely, MN.  Now Emily and I are figuring out life as 2.  In that vein, we got a new dog.  My wonderful friend had a lovely Brittany Spaniel named Virginia.  My friend has a large loving family filled with siblings with small children and Virginia struggled with all the little ones who wanted to love her.  So we took Virginia into our much quieter home.  Slowly but surely she has settled in, loves to go on walks and when she returns promptly hops into my bed, burrowing amongst the pillows before snuggling into a long nap.  She is good for us.  The last 10 months have been filled with sorrow yet much joy.  I just may be returning to this place to fill it with my thoughts for no one other than me.  If others read, great, but if not, it will be for me.

As far as my spinning and yarn, I've been blessed this year to continue working with my stores.  I am scheduled to head to Yarn Harbor in Duluth, MN on October 10.  I'll be bringing lots of yarn for Kathy to select from and spend the day spinning with my many friends there.  I can't wait to see Kathy's new location. 

I'm also going to be a vendor at the Fall Fiber Festival held in Hopkins on November 7th.  That is a great venue.  Each year there are more and more vendors and I'm really looking forward to heading there again this year.  The last two years it has been such a challenge for me as Anna had a Cheer competition that same day right down the road, but this year that is no longer an issue.  Although if Emily has anything to say about it that will change next year.  But I'll enjoy this year as a bit calmer.

Finally, I will be at Needlework Unlimited on November 21 for a spinning day as well as bringing in new stock for Karen.  Whew!  As you can see my next 3 months are busy ones.  But with all the stress this year, I've found solace in my spinning.  I may not have spun quite as much as in years past, I still have some absolutely beautiful yarns in my basket ready for stores or fiber fests.

And before I forget, one more store is stocking my yarn, head to Double Ewe in Circle Pines.  Kelly started stocking my yarn and picked out some really pretty selections.  And she has several of my samples to show how things will work up.

I just noticed something, apparently I only work with yarn shops that have owners with names that start with K!   Even Lila and Claudines follows the trend with Kirsten.  Makes me smile.

Well that is enough for now.  hopefully a few people are still reading this, maybe mention it at an event I'm at, I'd love to chat with you.  But for now, must keep spinning! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anyone know E. H. Jacobson?

When I started spinning I went out and tried a bunch if different spinning wheels before settling on my Louet wheel, a Julia.  I've been very happy with her.  I never really had much desire for what I call a Rumpelstiltskin type wheel.  Until recently that is.  May I introduce you to my new old beautiful wheel. 

Isn't she beautiful.  She is signed underneath the table with this inscription.  Made of Mt. Ash by E. H. Jacobson. Little Marais Minnesota.  I love her.  I'm trying to find out any info I can on Mr. Jacobson.  Little Marais is a very small town along the  North Shore of Lake Superior so maybe I will be able to learn what year he made her in.   But for now I'm happy just to have her!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

My two girls are the joy of my life.  I waited a long time for children.  Wondering if I even would have them.  With international adoption, my life was forever changed.  I remember sitting in church for years on Mother's Day.  Painfully listening and watching mom's being lifted up.  Longing to be someones mom.  Who knew my children would be thousands of miles away from me.  Longing to be someones child.  smile...Now Anna and I have been together for almost 17 years.  Emily joined us 10 years ago.  And we are a family.  And every Mother's Day I sit in church and feel joy but also remembering the pain I felt before my girls.  To anyone reading this who is longing for children and feels the pain of seeing others have something that you so desperately want, there is hope.  You too may find your way to the child that has been made just for you, who is also waiting and hoping for a family.  I will never forget those years and realize how truly special my family is.  I'm blessed.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yarnover Aftermath

I've come down from my yearly Yarnover hangover.  smile...One long day surrounded by yarn fumes will give anyone a fibery high!  I had the pleasure of sitting next to Annie Modesitt and her partner Kathleen Pascuzzi who were there selling their new hand dyed yarn, which was amazing.  And I also discovered today while reading the Yarn Harlot's blog post that she took a picture during the day and you can see a bit of my booth as well as me talking to someone behind my rack of fiber and bags. I don't think anyone will recognize my stuff or me, but I got a silly thrill from it!

My weekend was not just filled with Yarnover, nope, we had my whole family staying at our house over the weekend.  That meant we had 6 adults and 2 little girls under two tucked in with the four of us.  It was a house filled to the brim with love.  While it isn't something I would want to do on a regular basis, it was fabulous to have all of us under one roof.  We had not all been together in several years.  It was amazing.

Now I have some breathing room.  I've pushed so hard for 4 months, getting ready for DFW Fiber Fest, Yarnover 3 weeks after that, one sale to my local yarn shop in between and having my family here that I'm beyond exhausted.  I've spun over 60 skeins of yarn in those 4 months.  That is a lot.  I have time now before my next scheduled events in late summer/early fall.  I finally have a chance to knit again.  I have a chance to possibly teach a couple classes in knitting and I'm working up what I think will work.  Stay tuned, it is a new adventure for me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finally knitting

For months I've been madly spinning.  I spun over 60 skeins of yarn in just over three months.  With work, the girls activities and life in general, something had to go.  It was knitting.  Well we've been home from DFW Fiber fest for a week.  And after a brief respite I'm back to spinning.  And knitting!  
This is my Quaker Yarn stretcher.   Out of a single I spun called Lollipop.  I love the bright colors and it makes me smile every time I pick it up.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to the new home for Knitting My Way Home

Today is the grand unveiling of the new look to my blog, etsy, facebook and every part of my yarn world.  I have a niece who helps small businesses work on branding and creating a true cohesive look to all their sites on social networks.  She took my rather plain and boring blog and with hard work, amazing creativity, and a laughing spirit, she created this.  And I'm so happy!  (look at her site, it is amazing, Serendipity Designs)
It is perfect timing with my new adventures coming up in Dallas.  So look what is currently in my is an amazing blend of BFL roving and Bamboo.  It is called Grotto and it is spinning up thin and luscious.  This is the first bobbin but I should be plying it this weekend.  
While I was spinning, Emily came in my room, plunked herself down, took out my handcards, grabbed a bunch of hodge podge bits and pieces of roving and started making rolags.  Before long she had a small basket filled.  As you can see she used reds/yellows/blues/whites.  I quickly and roughly spun the rolags into a thick and thin rustic yarn.  It is soaking, but for our first efforts using the handcards?  We are both thrilled.  I'm thinking we just might have a fun basket of small yardage bulky yarn at Dallas.  Perfect to add to brims of hats or cuffs on mittens. 

It is late, I have work in the morning, so will leave for now.  But please, take a look around the blog, there are links now to my facebook page, if you like what you see, please click the like button!  It is so much fun!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Change is coming

Things are under way here at Knitting My Way Home.  I've been writing the blog for about 5 years.  I've been spinning yarn for about 5 years.  Hmmmmm could that be a theme?  It seems it is time to shake things up.  I've been selling my yarn for a few years now....toss that into the mix and who knows what will happen.  Watch here...things should be ready for the unveiling in about a week.  Whoo Hoo!